Sexually attracted to power. Too gay to function.

I'm Parker.




Mayflys are a winged insect that have a short lifespan. They mate in such a way that all of them mature in the exact same time. The will die out soon, but for the time being Wisconsin looks like something straight out of a horror movie. 


gays mills tho

rii shut the hell up who cares about that i’m throwing up right now


Basalt Columns of the Isle of Staffa, Scotland. The ‘Staffa Group’ is the name given to the series of olivine tholeiite basalts found in the vicinity of Mull which erupted 55–58 million years ago.The lava contracted towards each of a series of equally spaced centres as it cooled and solidified into prismatic columns, a process known as columnar jointing. The columns typically have three to eight sides, six being most common. The columns are also divided horizontally by cross joints. Via FB

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